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  • Do I need to be a strong swimmer for an underwater photography session?
    It is strongly recommended that you know how to swim but you do not need to be a strong swimmer. When booking a shoot we will talk about your comfort level in a mermaid tail and swimming skills. You are solely responsible for your own safety during the shoot. Do not force yourself to swim deeper than you are comfortable or hold your breath longer than you are capable. Safety first always!
  • Do I need to sign a photography agreement?
    Yes! Once you book a shoot, you will be sent a photo release and liability form you will need to complete and bring to the session.
  • Can you do underwater photoshoots in natural bodies of water?
    For saftey reasons the awnser is generally no. Natural bodies of water in the Salish Sea are very cold and have current/tidle conditions that can make it unsafe to swim in unless you are an experianced and certified diver with a designated safty diver. If you are a decent swimmer we can dicuss doing surface/shallow coastline photos depending on the season. If you are a certified freediver who can bring a certified dive buddy and have the nessesary equipment aviable for surviving in our northern waters we can discus possible open water photos. As with all photography sessons you are resposible for your own safty
  • Do I need underwater modeling skills to do a session?
    Nope! We can go over some basic underwater modeling tips before and during your session to help you get comfortable in the water.
  • Where can we do a land photography session?
    We are avaiable to do shoots in the greater Seattle area. If you have somewhere specific you would like to have a session please contact us to discus details!
  • How many people can be in my shoot?
    There is a 25$ charge for each additional person during a session. Contact us if you would like to discus a large group sesson!
  • Can I bring my own props?
    Yes! When you contact us, please let us know what you want to bring. We ask that they are free of glitter and sequens that could fall off and pollute pool filters or nature.
  • Can I still do a shoot if I have a physical disability?
    In most cases yes! We may ask that you have someone avaiable to assist you when nessesary. As with all photoshoots, you are responsible for your own safty at all times
  • I am a guy, can I still do a photoshoot?"
    Yes! No matter your gender, orientation, body type, or age anyone welcome to do a photoshoot with us!
  • What is the minimum age required for a photoshoot?
    If you are under 18 you are required to have a parent or guardian permission and pressent during the session. All agest are welcome for land photography! For saftey, we request you be at least 8 years of age for any underwater photography and children 8-15 must have a parent or guardian in the water with them. As with all our underwater photoshoots we recomend that you know how to swim. Please contect us if you have any further questions!
  • What type of fabric are your tails made out of?
    We get our tails printed on sports lycra from SpoonFlower. You can find more information here:
  • What monofins do you make tails for?
    We can currently make tails for the Adult or Child Linden monofin or Finis Luna.
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  • What is your swim radius for events?
    Our mermaids can swim as far East as Edmonds, South as Renton, West as Bellevue, and North as Lynnwood. If you wish to have us at an event outside our normal swimming range there will be an additional fee to cover travel costs.
  • When can you do mermaid sitings?
    Our mermaids are avaiable for mermaid sightings during the months of July and August. If weather causes an issue for the sighting we are happy to reschedule with you at no additional cost.
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