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Introducing our Mers!

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Meet our wonderful Mers!


Mermaid Linyenea

Mermaid Linyenea basking in the moonlight

Mermaid Linyenea, pronounced "linnie-innie-uh", swims in the coastal waters of the Salish Sea,  surrounded by salmon and seals, playing amongst the orcas and octopi. She loves to free dive in the sound, and sometimes swims with human divers in Edmonds, WA


Mermaid Orla

Mermaid Orlaithe singing her siren songs to the ferry passengers.

Mermaid Orla is descended from the Gaelic merfolk of the North Atlantic. Her friends are merrows, selkies, and kelpies, and she loves to play the Celtic harp, collect colorful rocks, and make drawings and paintings. She is known for having gold or yellow in her tail.


Mermaid Synfonia

Mermaid Synfonia dreaming of some warm waters.

Mermaid Synfonia is a tropical, musical mermaid faerie who heals and delights humans with her songs. She brings the warmth of the Pacific Islands with her, even in our cold northwest seas. Listen and you may hear her luring you nearer with flute, harp, or singing.

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