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Sea Siren Summer Overview!

Linyenea, Synfonia, and Orla were so busy this Summer! Catch up on some of our amazing events and trips.

In June, we met up with the Evergreen Sea Dive Club for their June Tune. So fun to swim with scuba divers!

Later in the month, we traveled to All's Faire in Lacey, WA. We reveled for a weekend with medieval and fantasy folk, and splashed in our magical traveling pond with our friend Mermaid Áine. We made potions, sang songs, and heard all sorts of tales from the land dwellers.

In July, we met more mermaids on the other side of the Salish Sea for poolside makeovers and some flippin' fun underwater photography! We teamed up with our friends at NW Pinup Posse to capture sightings of the mermaids on land.

To finish it all off, we came ashore for a Meet the Mermaids day in Edmonds. We were shocked by how many human friends we got to meet! Thank you, Lee Lageschulte of My Edmonds News for the photo.

What a great Summer! We can't wait to do it all again.

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24 févr. 2022

Linnie is so hot and tight. Are you available?

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